Facility & Subject Curriculum


  • 4 Computers with Internet facility

  • Well Equippied Labs for F.Y.B.Sc & S.Y.B.Sc Students.

  • Five Staff Members(Fur Ph.Ds out of Five)

Subject Curriculum:-

  1. Two Papers for F.y.B.Sc

  2. Two Papers for S.y.B.Sc

Examination Patterns and Mark Distribution:-

  1. 70% University Examination

  2. 30% Internal Examination


1. Dr T.S. Rao:-

M.SC , Ph.D (IIT-Khargpur) Professor & Head Of The Department

Date of Joining: 08/04/1986

Field Of Research:

  • Thermoluminescence of Inorganic Phosphors.

  • Kinetic studies of Metallic Glasses.

  • Designing Low cost Physics Expt. 

No Of Scientific Publication:

  • Published a paper in IAPT XXII Annual Envention Oct 28-30,2007.

  • 5 papers in National and International Journals and 5 in conferences,Seminars,Workshops.

Affiliation With Professional Body:

  •  Indian Association of Physics Teachers(IAPT) The Theosophical Society,Chennai 


2.  Dr M.C Bhavsar:-

 B.Sc Physics Lecturer

 Date of Joining: 14/07/1986

 Field Of Research:Spectroscopy (Diffense Reflectance)

 No Of Scientific Publication:

  1. Estimation of Kubelka- Munk Scatting Co-efficient Joun of Dyes and pigments 5(1984) 329-340

  2. Estimation of Kubeka Munk Co-eff Using Mie Theory Parameters Paint India(Jan-86). 

3. Dr N.S Rao:-
 M.SC, Ph.D,P.D.F Lecturer
 Date of Joining: 30/12/1987
 Teaching Experience: 21 Years

 Field Of Research:Atomic and Molecular Physics 
 No Of Scientific Publication:20 Publications

4. H.K Patel:-
 M.SC Lecturer

Date of Joining: 03/20/1987
Teaching Experience: 15 Years