Department of Electronics


We are the pioneers in producing the electronics graduates in this fast growing industrial belt called Golden Corridor. The department was established in the year June 1985 to cater the need of skillful technical graduates.The alumni of department have flared up in different colours in various walks of life.Our illumine have their own industries,have gone for academics and research and are also seminor professionals in various industries through out the globe.Started in June 1985.


1.  Dr.KamleshKumar G Raval:-

 M.SC, Ph.D.  Professor & Head Of The Department

 Date of Joining: 24/03/1986

 Field Of Research:Condensed Matter Physics

 Teaching Experience :22 Years.

  Life Member to Instrumentation Society of India.

  Life Member of the Analysis Society Of India.

  Life Member of Indian Association of Physics.  

2. Jayesh P. Gandhi

 M.SC(Physics) Solid State Electronics, PG Diploma EDP & Computer Management(BVB)  Lecturer

 Date of Joining: 02/04/1985

 Teaching Experience: 22 Years

 Life Member-Instrument society of India

3. Dr. Lilly T.Rao Shanker

 Ph.d M.SC(Physics) with Lecturer specialization in Electronics                                        

 Date of Joining: 09/11/1987 

 Teaching Experience: 20 Years

 Field Of Research:Metallic Glass 

 Scientific Publication:

  1. Study of Non-isothermal crystallization of Cu50Ti50 alloy in J.Thermal analysis and calorimetry 2004. 

  2. Kinetics of crystallization of amorphous cu50t 50 alloy in J.Non.Cryst.Solids.

  3. Kinetics of Crystallization of ti based binary and ternary amorphous alloys-J.Non Cryst Solids.

  4. Iso Kinetic VS Isoconvensional Metohds-a case study of crystallization kinetics of Fe-based Metallic glass in J.therned analysis and calarimetry  

4. Mukul Awasthi:-

M.SC(Physics) , M.Phil(Instrumentation) Lecturer

Date of Joining: 02/08/1988
Teaching Experience: 22 Years

Field Of Research:Molecular Dynamics
Life Member of IPA (Indian Physics Association)

5. K J Mahajan:

 M.SC(Electronics) Lecturer

 Date of Joining: 05/08/1988

6.Bhupeshkumar J Lad:

 Lecturer M.SC(Electronics)

 Date of Joining: 21/11/1998
Teaching Experience: 14 Years
Programme Officer - N.S.S.(National Service Scheme) 
  1. Served as Honorary Lecturer for Six Months at Govt. Science College,Valod.

  2. Also as Lab Co-Ordiantor at Punit High School,Bardoli,Surat.

  3. Also worked as PGT-Physics Teacher at Kribho kandriya Vidyalaya,Surat.

  4. As Caption of college cricket team of Narmada College, Bharuch.


We have three years degree course in Electronics:

First Year two papers of Electronics namely:

  1. Paper 1-Electronic Devices and Components

  2. Paper 2-Network Lines and Fields and Physics(Theory and Practical)

  3. Mathematics and English as other subjects.

  4. Environmental Studies as Interdisciplinary subjects

 Second Year,we have three papers of Electronics like:

  1. Paper 3-Electronic circuit design and application

  2. Paper 4-Digital electronics and Microprocessor

  3. Paper 5-Industrial Electronics(Theory,Practical and Small Electronic Project).

  4. There are few optional subjects as IDS(Inter Disciplinary Subjects) such as Programming Methodology,PCB design and technology,Environmental Physics,Circuit Simulation etc.

  5. Physics and English as Other Subjects.

Third Year,We have four papers of electronics like:

  1. Paper 6-Operational Amplifier

  2. Paper 7-Communication (Analog & Digital) Electronics

  3. Paper 8-Micro Processor and Micro Controller

  4. Paper 9-Instrumentation (Theory and Practical,Major Project/Industrial training).

  5. Also we teach IC Technolgy as IDS.




  1. We have well equipped and spacious laboratories.

  2. We have also well-qualified,experienced,enthusiastic and dedicated team of staff members and non-teaching staff.

  3. we have latest equipments and instrumentations.


  1. We have latest software for PCB Design.

  2. We have different lab as PCB dark room,PCB chemical processing room,PCB Yellow Rooms,design and circuit simulation laboratory,Microprocessor and Micro Controller laboratory.

  3. We have frequently use LCD projector and Overhead projector as teaching aid.

  4. We conduct interacting session and seminars.

  5. We have mini workshop.

Extra Curricular Activity

  1. One of our faculty members Dr.K.G.Raval is Lt.Cdr. in NCC(Naval) since more then 20 years

  2. Other faculty Mr.B.J.Lad is serving as a Programme Officer in NSS since last 4 years.

  3. Mr Mukul Awasthi is chairman of cultural activities of the college since 4 years.

  4. Our other Staff members continuously promote,guide the students and manage the events.