Department of commerce was established in 1985 under the banner of Narmada college of Science and commerce.Initially it had four permenant facilities in Commerce Department,namely,Mr. J.M.Seth(Accounts), Mr.Samir joshi(economics).

Mr. Seth retired in 2004-05.He donated Rs 1 lakh to the college development fund and created Permanant cash award for the highest scorer in accountancy in university examination in T.Y. B.Com every year. He has created a will to donate his eyes and all his body for medical research to Baroda civil hospital after his death.

Mr.P.H vyas and Mr.Samir joshi Left the college in 1993 to join M.S University and presently Mr. Vyas is Dean at the faculty of commerce. Mr. Zaveri left the college in 1992 and presently is Director of Sam-com institute of E-commerce at Anand.  Since then it is growing in terms of number of students every year.

At present it has one Grant- In- Aid division and one Self Finance division at U.G . level. P.G M.Com was started in 2005.Commerce department has nearly 750 students at present. It offers to specializations at U.G and P.G namely one in accountancy and second in marketing. At present there are three full time teachers in the department. 

Profile Of Teachers

 1.  Ms .ANITA RANA 

 2.  Dr.Daksha.M .Patel:-    

 3.  MR. N. K. patel.  M.Com. (professor of accountancy):-




Result For 2012:

Class Total Students Student Having Distinction Student Having 1stClass Students Having 2ndClass Students Having Pass Class Students Having Pass A.T.K.T Students Failed
F.Y.B.Com 291 33 102 70 36 32 18
S.Y.B.Com 299 02 31 82 61 72 48
T.Y.B.Com 175 02 20 65 52 -- 36
M.Com1 47 11 12 10 08 06 --
M.Com2 41 11 09 11 06 -- 04

Result For 2013:

Class Total Students Student Having Distinction Student Having 1stClass Students Having 2ndClass Students Having Pass Class Students Having Pass A.T.K.T Students Failed
F.Y.B.Com 239 40 83 62 20 21 13
S.Y.B.Com 261 28 89 82 17 39 07
T.Y.B.Com 253 01 43 93 73 -- 43
M.Com1 52 13 16 15 04 04 --
M.Com2 47 14 10 10 06 -- 07



Students of commerce department are all- rounders .They have represented our college at national as well as international level in Sports. They have represented the college in various co- curricular activities at various other colleges and at university and have won many prizes. Commerce students have participated in NCC and NSS activities and achieved new heights. One of our Parmeet  Arora was selected to represent in 26th January parade. He was also selected for naval expedition to sail to Gulf Countries.Many of our students are working as faculties in various academic institutions like colleges and schools. 

Some Of Are belowing:

  1. Mallika Desai (Pandya):- Working as permanent faculty in M.S .University Commerce department.

  2. Rachana Vyas(Pandya) :-Working as permanent faculty in Narmada college BBA dept.

  3. Sukruti  Sharma:-Working as permanent faculty in Tapowan college, commerce Dept.

  4. Vikas Choumal:-Working as permanent faculty in  college MCA Dept.

  5. Shikha Shah:-Working as permanent faculty in Narmada college Commerce dept.

  6. HiteshSharma:-Working as permanent faculty in Narmada college Commerce dept .

  7. Shivani Dave:-working as a teacher in  Amity international  school.

  8. Simran kaur:-Working as a teacher in Carlox school.

Many of students have become full time chartered Accountants and are working with various Industrial Organisations. Some of them are:
  1. Dinesh Aggarwal :-working with multinational Firm Bombay.

  2. Palak Sejwani:-working with multinational Firm Ankleshwar.

  3. Kalpesh Shah:-working inNetafim Irrigation India Private Limited, Vadodara As credit control manager.

  4. Angan Shukla:-Running personel C.A. coaching Centre in Bharuch

  5. Hemal Shah:-working with Mukund & Rohit CA Firm in Baroda

  6. Deep:-Having own business

  7. Sandeep Deora:-Working in Bombay.

  8. Satish Santwani:-working with leading C.A firm.

  9. Krutarth:-working with leading C.A firm.

  10. Darshit Modi:-working with leading C.A firm

  11. Bhavik soni:-W orking as a retainer with M/s Manoj C. Shah & Associates, Bharuch since Feb, 2012

Some Of Work In Banking Center:-

Many of our students are working in Banking sector. Two of our students keyur Pandya and Druvesh Parmar  are working with Asian Paints ( HR )department Ankleshwar ,Appointed through campus placement. One of our students Mr. Sanjay Thomas  is  Having his own employment Firm in London. Many more student have gone to foreign countries to pursue their further studies and are employed there.




Student Improvement

  • Students of commerce faculty arranged Teachers Day Program.

  • Students went for industrial visit to bharuch Doodh dhara Dairy.

  • Bharuch MLA, Mr.Dushyant and Mr. Ganshyam Patel Chairman Of Dairies in Gujarat  addressed the students.

  • NAAC committee reading  College accredeation report to the staff. 

  • Commerce department teachers giving Department presentation to NACC committee.

  • Teacher giving lecture in the class.

  • T.Y. B.Com Girls Won First Prize In Cricket at college level Tournament.

  • B.com students won first prize in Cricket in Inter college tournament.

  • Students of B.com participating in janamastami Celebration program.

  • Students of B.com participating in janamastami Celebration program Breaking Matki.

  • Aluminies of commerce faculty with department teachers on teachers day