Academic Calender

Academic Calender for 2014-15.



1 Term Beginning 30.06.2014
2 Enrollment submission to Univeristy 30.08.2014
3 TY (October Exam) Exam Form submission 08.08.2014
4 FY Sem. I Exam Form Submission B.Com./B.Sc. 16.09.2014
5 Exam Form Submission of Sem. I, III & V 16.09.2014
6 Exam Form Submission of BBA Sem. I to VI 16.09.2014
7 Internal (Semester) Exam 01.10.2014
8 University October Exams ATKT & TY 17.11.2014
9 University Semester Exams 17.11.2014
10 Diwali Vacation 20.10.2014 to 09.11.2014
11 Second Term starts on 10.11.2014
12 Internal (Semester) Exam 10.03.2015
13 University Exam Form Submission within 12 days of declaration of University results
14 University Exams 07.04.2015
15 Academic Year ends on 15.05.2015
16 Summer Vacation 16.05.2015 to 03.07.2015


Narmada College is an English Medium College, situated in the industrially developing district of Bharuch. To meet the growing needs of various industries in the district, especially in the Bharuch city & Ankleshwar belt, Narmada College was started by the Narmada Education and Scientific Research Society, a Trust set - up under the able leadership of Shri N. Vittal IAS, then M.D., GNFC and with whole hearted cooperation of the prominent citizen and leading industrialists of the area.

The primary goal of the College is to usher in a new in the fields of value - based education with special emphasis on Chemistry, Electronics and Computer Science, Besides developing a cadre of technocrats, and young men women with managerial and administrative training, the College seeks to serve as a launching pad for aspiring students to enter the profession of their choice by equipping them with adequate knowledge and skills at the undergraduate and post graduate level.


Initially the college was started under the auspices of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,an all-India intellectual, cultural and educational  movement conceived and established by the renowned Gujarati Litterateur Kannaiyalal Maneklal Munshi who belonged to Bharuch.

Kulpati Dr. K. M. Munshi

Led the movement of instituting our college.

Established “Narmada Education and Scientific Research Society “, our Trust.

 Shri. N Vittal (IAS)

Retd. CVC Govt of India

College Facility

Library & Lab Facility:-

The college library is stacked with about 15000 books. The annual input of books is about 1000.the library also subscribes to about 50 periodicals in relating to various subjects.

The laboratories are furnished with modern ,up to date equipmentand follow an open-door policy.

Research Society

Narmada Education and Scientific Research Society Poised on the threshold of the twenty-first century, our country needs a bright young generation, well-versed in Science, Technology and Commerce.

Rapid industrialization has accelerated the need for qualified personnel,particularly in the backward and developing areas of the country.One such area is the Bharuch-Ankleshwar region in Gujarat, Which is witnessing rapid industrial growth.

The world's largest ammonia-urea plat,Gujarat Narmada Valley,Fertilizers Company Limited, set up at a cost of Rs. 427 crores, is in Bharuch.

Ankleshwar houses Asia's largest industrial estate for chemical and water-intensive industries. A major share of the country's on-shore crude oil production also comes from Ankleshwar.On the other hand, 52% of the population of Bharuch district live below the poverty line.

To Improve the standard of living of the people in the region, they will have to be equipped with technical skills and exposed to modern education, partially in the field of Science and Technology.

In order to developed a cadre of trained technocrats who would be able to participate in the burgeoning industrial activities in the Bharuch-Ankleshwar area, and also to boost the general level of education in Bharuch, the Narmada Education and Scientific Research Society,(Registered under Public Trust Act : Reg.No.F/133-Bharuch and Societies Registration Act.Regd.No. GUJ/143-Bharuch)was set up by GNFC with the co-operation of other leading industrialists in the area.

The Society has already set up an English Medium college affiliated to the South Gujarat University. From 1985-86, courses in B.Sc.(Chemistry), B.Sc.(Electronics),and B.Com., were started. In 1986-97, a degree courses, B.Sc.(Computer Science) has been added. The Narmada College has already received. tremendous response from all over Gujarat and today the College has a strength of 558. In July 1987, the College was shifted to a well-designed, modern and spacious building near the new bridge at Zadeshwar. The College is well equipped with facilities such as a laboratories etc. This new site on the banks of the river Narmadama provides a idyllic setting for studies and all-round development of the students.

In the second phase, it has been planned to add hostels for students, a gymnasium, residential quarters for staff etc.