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Extra-Curricular AndCo-Curricular Activities

The College organizes various activities and competitions in the following seven areas of Saptadhara

1. Knowledge Band (Gyan Dhara):

The college sees to it that students partake in the process of acquiring knowledge as active learners. By organizing competitions, the college encourages students to express and exhibit ideas, views and independent thinking in the process of their personality development. The pursuit of truth is emphasised. The search for truth yields qualities of patience, courage and self-confidence. Quiz, essay - writing, elocution, debate, visit to other libraries are some activities conducted in the college and the students are encouraged and groomed to participate in the intercollegiate competitions as well.

2. Creative Expression Band (Sarjanatmak Abhivyakti Dhara):

Under this cluster, the innate creativity of the student is motivated to be expressed in the resultant literary creations. The extempore poetry-writing, story-writing, poetry-recitation are some of the activities conducted in this area.

3. Fine Arts Band (Rang, Kala, Kaushalya Dhara):

This cluster aims at inspiring students to explore their faculty of imagination and creativity in the pursuit of absolute beauty through colours and shapes and to explore further the horizons of cosmos and qualities of the soul. Their creations in Fine Arts will thus be external manifestations of the inner self. Rangoli, Mehendi, Painting, Poster Making, Face Painting, Collage making are some of the activities enabling manifestation of the creative abilities of our students.

4. Theatre Band (Natya Dhara):

Theatrical activities organized under this cluster expose the students to the intricacies of the theatre as a form of art and ultimately lead them to the path of knowledge of inner-consciousness. Classic Scripts from World Literature reflect noble ideas and inspire students to higher goals in life. Plays, street plays (Nukkad Naatak), mime, one-act play, skits are some events organized under this cluster.

5. Music and Dance Band (Geet, Sangeet, Nrutya Dhara):

Under this cluster, it is essential to include fundamental values and practices of Music, Arts and Poetry through which one can attain the Knowledge of Soul. The main objective of this cluster would be that of making students understand the innate and deeper meaning of music and enabling them to enjoy the spirit and sense of music from the depth of heart as well as to consolidate our faith in cultural values and to experience the richness of cultural and historical heritage of India. Light vocal, classical vocal, classical dance, instrumental music are the events enabling the students to display their talents acquired after years of acquiring proficiency in their chosen area.

6. Yoga and Sports Band (Vyayam, Yog, Khel-kud Dhara):

It is compulsory for the teachers and students to take part in the activities under this group. All the teachers and students have to belong to this cluster. This cluster aims at imparting the students with true knowledge of physical education as it is distinctly related with the mental and spiritual processes. Yoga day is annually observed in the college. Students are encouraged to participate in various sports activities of the college as well as at higher levels of district, university, zone, state, nation et al.

7. Community/Social Service Band (Samudaya Seva Dhara):

India, being an agricultural country of villages, it is necessary to make her students aware of the realities of rural India. Here the endeavour is to provide students with firsthand experience of the life in villages, spend time in the villages with constructive messages, survey on geographic, educational, economic and social aspects of people in rural India and social/community service in some urban areas too. NSS activities, campus cleanliness, tree plantation, blood donation, meeting elders in old-age home, meeting children at juvenile homes are some activities conducted by the college.

The College conducts a grand annual event which is named UTSAV which provides the students to display their respective talents on stage. The College also facilitates the students to participate in various competitions conducted by other colleges and Universities.

The College encourages and facilitates students to participate in the following events of annual Youth Festival conducted by Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat

Group Events

One Act Play, Group Dance, Group song and Garba

Solo Events

Mono Acting, Classical Dance, Classical Vocal Music, Light Vocal Music, Classical Instrument Music, Handicraft, On the Spot Painting, Poetry Recitation, Completion of Poetry and Short Story Writing